“Beth Friedlaender is an incredible human being. She is an incredible judge of when it is important to listen, when it is important to give feedback and when it is important to urge her client to action. Beth is known for her ability to brighten up a room with her presence. She is of the highest integrity and I would recommend her TO anyone FOR anything AT any time.”

“Beth possesses an ease and flair with people… training with her gives me a positive outlook on mind/body and life in general. I feel awesome, revived, alive, positive and healthy after my sessions with her.  The way she instructs, EXPLAINING the movements and why we do them is very important.  It’s uncomplicated and uncompromised at the same time.”

“What I spend my money on is important, how I spend my time is precious… after a pilates session w Beth, I feel TERRIFIC- sometimes relaxed, sometimes invigorated. Working with Beth , the most profound thing I find is not only that my body feels rejuvenated but my emotions are re-balanced. The experience she gives as an instructor is both energizing an enlightening”

“The time flies by when we workout; I’m always disappointed when the session ends.  The value I receive is self awareness, concentration, one-on-one attention, and an hour that’s all about me.   My days are always about everyone else…and it’s important to pay yourself some attention once in awhile!  Training with Beth allows me to actually think and focus on me and my body’s needs. Not worry about anyone or anything else. It also gives me energy to keep pushing forward and makes me feel great– who doesn’t want that?!”
— Brooke

“I feel accomplished, happy, stronger and relaxed after a session w Beth. My lean muscle mass has definitely increased from working with her which makes me more comfortable in my body.  I am more aware of my body and breathing, because of what she has taught me.  I know that Beth genuinely cares about helping to fix/improve my body rather than just going through the motions of a workout session as many trainers and instructors might do.  I trust her experience and knowledge of pilates and the human body/spirit which is not necessarily true of all trainers.  My sessions with Beth make me feel good mentally, physically, and emotionally. I feel increased satisfaction, peace of mind, happiness, and comfort since working with her.”

“After my session with Beth I feel relaxed, stretched and worked out; and not anxious anymore! The value is internal and measured by how I feel daily– mentally and physically– which is truly priceless.”

“That was the best pilates workout I’ve ever had!!! Beth instantly designed a workout to personally meet all of my needs, and I left feeling strong, centered, flexible and grounded. I just felt great! She is incredibly supportive, challenging and present. Each session built on the next and I could see changes in my body immediately. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!”

“Working with Beth, I feel amazing, stronger, healthy, younger, balanced, confident and pain free. It gives me Freedom to enjoy my life and 100% freedom to move my body. Freedom to enjoy my work, sports, and vacations. I am a massage therapist and need to have a strong body to continue my work as it is quite demanding. I referred my clients to her and she helps me get them to the next level of excellent health.  Thank God for Beth Friedlaender and her passion for helping me be a better human, and light spirit.”

“When I think about Beth, I realize how fortunate I am to have her in my life. She is a gifted teacher who tailors each workout with her extraordinary expertise! The subtle mixture of wisdom and compassion make Beth a very special lady.I leave each session energized, standing taller, and refreshed. At fifty-five my body is toned and I still have my waist! I also know that due to complications from surgery on my leg, I am regaining feeling where there once was none because of working with Beth!”

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