About Beth
Upon completing her STOTT COMPREHENSIVE Pilates Certification in 1999, Beth has continued to expand in her awareness of health and fitness with dedication and enthusiasm. Her personal struggles with weight, addiction and body-image called her to a path of healing and service.

Always seeking innovation and reinvention, she infuses the Pilates experience with elements of yoga, psychology and circuit training for a highly integrative dynamic approach that is nurturing, inspiring and extremely effective. Sessions include breath work, mindfulness and intention setting to cultivate graceful, efficient neuromuscular activity.

Beth challenges and supports her clients beyond just physical transformation…grateful for the opportunity to be part of each one’s unique journey. Her extraordinary gift for communicating complex concepts in a simple, straightforward manner truly sets her apart.

Beth authentically shares her personal experiences and her loving energy in every session. In private practice for over 12 years, she currently serves loyal clientele at her Santa Monica studio location.

Some of Beth’s continuing education includes: an M.A. in SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY from University of Santa Monica, an MSW from USC, completion of the MCENTIRE WORKOUT METHOD™ completion of the Level 1 GYROTONIC® Expansion System and completion of level 1 L.I.S.T. BALANCE SYSTEM.