“Beth’s distinctly feminine, non-linear approach has paved the way for my graceful rehabilitation.  Her creativity knows no bounds, and even now, six months into our weekly workouts, she’s pulling bright and shiny exercises out of her endless arsenal of wisdom, inspiring me to move deeper into my body, to unearth more and more secrets hidden therein, and to challenge myself to get stronger, stronger and stronger still.

Armed with razor sharp intuition, Beth easily hones in on the contractions and the adhesions, the sweet spots that are clawing for attention and the kinks that are rearin’ to be worked out, and she guides me into these otherwise neglected parts of my body with compassion and kindness, encouraging me to excavate the energies hidden therein, and to let go of all that’s ready to be released, while calling in the new.

She pushes me past my perceived limitations when I’m in need of an ass-kicking, and on those days that my body’s cranky and tantrum-riddled, and my soul is threadbare and beaten down, she pulls me back and slows me down, stretching me out with nurturing patience, and an infectious flow of sweet, sweet surrender.

Plus, she’s got great taste in music and smells like sugar cookies.”


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